Code of Conduct

To support responsible behavior at a corporate level and for the pursuit of a sustainable future in economic, social and environmental terms CoMETA has prepared a Code of Conduct that indicates corporate guidelines for the company’s management based on the respect of a public ethics, shared by each of the employees.

With the aim of regulating the decisions and initiatives of CoMETA and subject to the compliance of the laws applicable to individual cases, the Code covers both the behavior of the company as a whole and the behavior of individual employees and associates in their activities.

To ensure that this ethics are particularly strong and alive within the company, CoMETA has organized a training program for its employees in order to raise the threshold of awareness of the need for strict compliance with the rules contained in the Code of Conduct.

CoMETA agrees to comply fully with the law applicable in the countries in which it does its business and to regularly assess their own interests and the interests of the people and organizations with which it comes into contact, in order to establish and maintain a healthy and lasting relationship with them. The Code of Conduct, however, is a constitutive element of the “Modello di Organizzazione Gestione e Controllo” (MOGC) prepared in accordance with the rules governing the administrative responsibility of companies (Legislative Decree 231 of 08/06/2011 and subsequent additions and amendments), in order to prevent the perpetration of crimes committed within the company and on behalf of, or for the benefit of, CoMETA.

The task of overseeing the functioning and observance of the Code of Conduct and the MOGC is entrusted to a body with independent powers of initiative and control, defined Supervisory Board. For any report to the Supervisory Board you can write to the e-mail address: