Founded in 1986, CoMETA S.p.A. operates in the field of electronics and mechanics applied to security. Present everywhere the need of protection of resources, both human and material, is a determining factor, CoMETA S.p.A. products find application in various sectors: Banks, Government, Industry, Military sites, Ministries, Museums, Airports, Prisons, civilian areas in general.

Today the company offers to the market various security solutions ranging from solenoid bolts, electric locks, to cabins for access control with badge recognition, biometric systems, metal detectors, management systems for vaults. Solutions able to meet the specific needs of the market as regards both the control and the security of assets (security) and for the protection of people (safety).

CoMETA is constantly looking for innovative systems that meet the needs of the changing market; the company, with the support of its own R&D, has always aimed for excellence in its products, focusing on quality as a differentiator and critical to the success of company.

Over the years CoMETA aimed for the integration of its products to offer customers global solutions of security.The know-how and experience acquired over the years give our staff a high professional value. The wide range of products, thanks to the controls imposed by the ISO 9001 quality system certificate, are a valuable reference point for those who demand high performance, quality and reliability.

Today the company is also expanding into foreign markets, thanks to the contribution of our branch in Paris, CoMETA France. The diffusion and promotion of our products are guaranteed through internal sales resources, a group of agents and a network of authorized distributors in many countries in the world.

In order to ensure the maintenance of the high quality value of the product, through its network of qualified Service Centres, CoMETA offers full support to its customers for everything related to consulting, client training, and technical assistance for the installation and maintenance of the entire national territory. Click here to learn about our services.