The Quality

Quality policy is a prerequisite for the strategic objectives of CoMETA.

Starting for the designing process the engineers examine that the various components are not only complied with UE directives and regulations, but also permit us to get reliable products with high performance.

Sharing the same goals of quality with the employees and external partners is of utmost importance; in fact, the company organizes regular meetings with staff to ensure that this policy is understood, implemented and supported at all levels of the company. The strategic decision to move towards a system in which the quality policy is transmitted at each level allowed CoMETA to be certified according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2008.

Our strength is also given by a great synergy, gained over the years, between different departments: Design: a vast team of experienced engineers and technicians, dedicated to the study, testing and development of innovative products, both based on the feedback we receive from the customers and on the market trends.

We invest our resources aiming at a continuous upgrading and expansion of the range of supply in order to meet the broader needs of the market. R&D, Research and Development: innovation and know-how define the standard of CoMETA products. Production and Testing: the production process takes place within the company according to the ISO 9001. The company laboratory, equipped for the “precompliance emc” testing and equipped with equipment for CE compatibility tests also cooperates with external laboratories and commits to carry out a constant upgrading of the tools used and the safety parameters. In the appropriate testing laboratories prototypes that are subjected to a thorough testing are developed. There is also a systematic control of each component and product aimed at ensuring customers the highest quality and performance. Sales and Marketing: CoMETA is present throughout the Italian territory and abroad.

Thanks to this quality policy , the products have a long-term guarantee.