Security Cabins

The security cabins have two automatic or manual doors, interlocked with one another to allow the access in protected areas when the outcome of the security check ups, carried towards the person in transit, turns out positive. CoMETA offers several models based on the different needs of safety, design and dimensions:
  • Co134 and Co141 series, square base, and series Co136, round base, available in various sizes can be installed with stratified and anti-burglary bulletproof glass
  • CoI122 CoMETA manual cabins
  • The panoramic cabins, oval base Co139 or round base Co138
  • The semi circular cabin 140
In each model it is possible to integrate several controls to increase the level of security:
  • control of the unicity of passage
  • control of abandoned objects
  • CEIA Metal Detector
  • biometric reader for recording and validation of BioBank accesses
  • antimasking face recognition system