Co107 - Double effect electric security lock with "night lockup"


Double effect electric security lock with electromagnetic bolt, stainless steel face plate and strike plate INOX 40/10, chromium plated steel case and bolt Ø 12x70 mm and stroke 20 mm. Equipped with bolt, door and key position sensors. Opening and closing operations may be electrically controlled or manually through a european profile half cylinder UNI 9570 providing the capability of permanent blocking or release, controlled primarily by using a key.
The addition of the third bolt, Ø 18x73.5 mm and stroke 21 mm, provides the "night block" function and guarantees higher door security.
The 12V version consumes 0.7A, the 24V version consumes 0.45A. The lock can remain powered indefinitely, is capable of up to 120 cycles per minute and over two million cycles (opening-closing) without any maintenance.
Horizontal or vertical mounting to be specified on order.

Recommended for interlocking doors with high traffic flow.

A basic access control system can be produced by connecting to the Co273.00.


MODEL Co105 Co106 Co107
Mechanical shear strength
(non destructive)
12000 N 12000 N 20000 N
Mechanical shear strength
13500 N 13500 N 25000 N
No. of bolts 2 2 3
Bolt diameter 12 mm 12 mm 2 x Ø12 + 1 x Ø16 mm
Bolt stroke 20 mm 20 mm 20 mm
Opening/closing speed (complete
opening/closure cycles):
no. of cycles in 1 sec.
≥ 7 cycles/s ≥ 7 cycles/s ≥ 7 cycles/s
Nominal voltage 12 Vdc 12 Vdc 12 Vdc
Insertion 100% 100% 100%
Consumption 8 W 8 W 8 W
Locking operation / method electric electric electric
Opening operation / method electric electric electric
Manual release control
with cylinder
yes yes yes
Manual release control
with handle
no no no
IP Rating IP 509 IP 509 IP 509


  • Two bolts with horizontal operation and an extra bolt for “night” locking
  • Entry dimension of european cylinder: 45mm
  • One or two position sensors for door open/closed
  • Voltage: 12Vcc (standard), 24Vcc, 12 and 24 Vcc