Co138 - Panoramic cabin - Circular based - Ø1500xH2400mm


The range of CoMETA cabins are designed to meet the different needs of the market.
In particular, the Co138 cabins have two automatic doors, interlocked with one another to allow the access in protected areas when the outcome of the security check ups, carried towards the person in transit, turns out positive.
Circular based cabin, made of 40/10 pressure bent sheet steel and a double glassed leaf for each door, a feature that makes the opening and closing faster. Available in the Co138.90 model, with passage width of 900mm.
Through the table console it’s possible to select all the various operating modes (automatic, manual, night/day, etc.), know the status of the doors (open, closed, emergency, etc.) and at the same time you can see on the console’s display the automatic diagnostic messages as well as the details of the alarm conditions.


  • Overall Dimensions: Ø 1500 x H 2400 mm
  • Width of passage: 900 x H 2000 mm
  • Weight: 1100 Kg ca.
  • Floor Thickness: 25 mm
  • Monocoque: 40/10 steel pressure bent sheet
  • Doors and side walls: bullet proof laminated glass EN1063-BR2 EN356-P6B
  • Paint finish: embossed, according to RAL color scale
  • Passage speed (with anti-tailgating): 350 people/hour
  • 180° passage

  • Door motors: 24 Dc
  • Reversible door reduction gears
  • Safety system
    - torque detector integrated in the movement
    - sensitive door edges with open circuit dir flow detector
  • Encoder system:
    - door position
    - door speed
  • Weithting load cell system for:
    - presence person detection
    - more than one person (hostage) detection
    - abandoned object detection (weight higher than 200g)
  • Emergency button
  • Ceiling light with voice synthesis
  • Traffic signal device with intercom system for bidirectional traffic assistance

  • Power supply: 24 Vac
  • Buffer battery: 2x 12V, up to 8 hours of duration (200 passages)
  • A 230/24 Vac isolation class 2 transformer included

CE CERTIFICATION: Machinery directive, Electromagnetic compatibility directive, Low voltage directive


  • Stainless steel covering
  • Emergency exit management
  • Camera
  • Card's reader
  • IR sensor for people presence monitoring
  • Biometric registration system: BIOBANK
  • Anti masking system: FACE DETECTION
  • CEIA metal detector (different models)
  • Web console
  • IP interface module for remote management and remote technical support
  • Detection of very small objects (50g)